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Sorry this is a past event, registration is no longer open.

Date: Friday 26th May 2017

Time: 11:00 – 12:00


Venue: Conference Call

Supported by the stabilising oil price, stronger ruble and declining inflation, 2016 saw Russia emerge as one of the strongest major markets, with returns in excess of 85%.* Whilst the market has had a more subdued start to 2017, pausing for breath following last year’s remarkable rally, macro data continues to indicate that the economy has turned a corner. Moreover, valuations remain depressed relative to emerging markets, trading at a 45% discount – near the lowest levels seen in the past decade.

Register for a live update with Robin Geffen, who will discuss why the current oil price could be at something of a ‘Goldilocks’ level for Russia. The rally through 2016 has reduced the stress on the budget, and the stronger ruble has helped anchor inflation, which should allow the Central Bank to lower rates. However, the government is very aware of the need to diversify the economy away from natural resources, and the oil price shock will help to drive reforms, which will stimulate stronger economic growth in the medium term – growth that the Neptune Russia & Greater Russia Fund is well-positioned for through its diverse sector exposure.

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